Monday, January 18, 2016

"A Place to Belong" by Scott Sprunger

For queer people looking to join Christian communities, it can feel like a game of Minesweeper. You try your best to feel your way around the board. But if you make a mistake and say the wrong thing to the wrong person, it’s game over.
That’s why I was so lucky to find the Queer Christian Fellowship, a constituent group of the Christian Association.
For the first half of my college career, I wanted nothing to do with the Christianity that I had been raised in. But after a while, I found I had spiritual needs that weren’t being met. I wanted to look for a Christian community on campus but I didn’t know where I would be welcomed.
Finally, during a student activities fair, I discovered QCF. Through QCF, I’ve found a community where I know I’m not alone. And more importantly, a community where I know I’m loved for who I am.
I’ve been a member of QCF for over a year now. We do a lot of activities together. We hold Bible studies and group prayers. We eat at restaurants together and attend worship services with each other. But the most important thing I’ve found in QCF and the larger CA community is unconditional support. Whether I’m stressed about something as small as tonight’s homework or as big as my plans after graduation, I know that I can bring my worries to the CA and find people who support me.
QCF has inspired me because I’ve seen how each of its members choose to live out their faith. It’s a blessing to be around people who haven’t given up on God, even when they were mistreated by their religious communities. QCF has taught me that God’s love is bigger than hate of those religious bullies who would shut us out. Everyone is invited to God’s party.

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